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How it Works

Select the service your item needs

If you are unsure, select the option "Please choose for me" and one of our expert cobblers will contact you with an assessment upon receipt of the item.

Mail in or drop off your item

Print or write your order number and include it with your items. Stop by our shop or put them in a box and mail them in.

Select return delivery method

We will return your items by mail when they are repaired. If you prefer to stop in, we will notify you when your items are ready for pick up.


+ How long will it take?

Footwear repairs are completed in about 7 days, while Bags and Briefcases and Leather Jackets take about 15 days for repair. When your item is ready we will ship it back to you or notify you for pickup at the shop, depending on which shipping option you selected at checkout.

+ What are my mail in options?

You may drop off your item at our shop or mail it to us. Our address is: Stefan’s Leather, 3810 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD 21211. For mailing, we recommend you pack your item in a sturdy box or envelope and use the delivery service of your choice.

+ What are my return shipping options?

During checkout, you can select to pick up your item in person at our shop, or request that we mail it back to you. Return shipping is free for all orders over $55.

+ What if my repair is not listed?

If you don’t see the repair you are looking for on our website, select Request a Quote - Custom Repair under Custom Leather Repairs on the home page. You will be able to describe your custom repair and upload a photo of your item. If you have a quick question (such as whether we shine shoes on the spot - yes, we do!), call us at 410-243-6852.

Our Guarantee

Stefan’s Leather and Shoe Repair's history dates back over 60 years. We have received numerous awards, and reviews by the media and customers.


“Gegala always shares a smile with his patrons and does wonderful work on even the most difficult jobs.”

- City Paper’s Best of Baltimore

“With over 60 years in the business, leather master Stefan Gegala fixes shoes and leather garments, and dyes shoes (it’s a wedding thing) to nearly-new perfection.”

- Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore

“And Stefan makes shoes look like new.”

“Stefan Gegala is a master craftsman of anything to do with leather.”

“Master cobbler Stefan W. Gegala views shoe repair as an art form…”

- Baltimore Jewish Times

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