Terms of Service

At Stefan’s Leather & Shoe Repair we take great pride in our work, exercise great care with the articles entrusted to us and treat each repair or alteration as a unique job, applying processes which, based on our experience, are best suited to the nature and condition of each article.

We are proud of our high rate of customer satisfaction and we strive for excellent results. Please take a moment to read our Terms of Service prior to requesting a repair so that we can provide the best possible service in the event an issue should arise.


We encourage you to inspect your repaired article upon receipt. We will repair free of charge, including return shipping, any issues relating to materials or workmanship that you may notice within 14 days of receiving your article. We will listen to your proposed solution or propose our solution:

  1. In the case that we cannot remedy an issue related to materials or workmanship, we will refund the repair cost.
  2. If a remedy is not agreed upon, our liability shall not exceed twice the repair cost of the item.

Some exclusions apply. Our warranty does not apply to, and we cannot provide remedies for:

  • Articles damaged during shipping.
  • Articles not picked up within 30 days of completion if you have chosen the “Pickup in Store” option. Sign into your account and send us a message if you would like us to send your article instead.
  • Color related issues. Please see the “Coloring, Restoring and Dyeing” section below.
  • Replicas of brand name articles (articles whose brand authenticity cannot be verified).

If the issue or warranty requested is not related to materials which were replaced or the workmanship itself, we will still work with you to find a solution. Please contact us. In this case, some fees, such as additional materials and/or return shipping, may apply.

Requesting Repairs

Please place your order freely and do not worry about all the details of the requested repair. We will contact you for any orders that require additional information. Examples include:

  • Any order for which you requested “Select the repair for me.”
  • Orders placed under an incorrect repair category or product type.
  • We notice additional pressing repairs that you should consider before putting money into the repairs you requested.

If we are required to change your order for any reason, you will be asked to accept the updated order. You will then have the option to proceed with the updated order or cancel the request. If you cancel the repair request, you can choose to have your article returned to you. Return shipping fees may apply.

“Dropping off” your Article(s)

You may choose to mail your article in the most convenient method to you, or you may choose to drop off your article at our shop.

We inspect all incoming articles. We will contact you when your order is received and accepted, or if we have any questions regarding your order (see “Requesting Repairs” section).

“Picking up” your Article(s)

During the ordering process, you select if you prefer to pick up your article in person, or to have it mailed to you via USPS or UPS.

If you choose to have your repaired article mailed back to you, you will receive a notification when your repair is completed and your article has shipped.

If you choose to pick up your article in person, we will send an automated message to the number or email you provided once your repair is completed. Please pick up your article no later than 30 days after completion. If for any reason you do not receive the message, completion is assumed to be 14 days after the drop-off date. We are not responsible for unclaimed articles. Articles not claimed for 6 months may be donated. Please be sure to pick up your articles.

We encourage you to inspect your article upon receipt. Any missing items must be reported before leaving the store or at the time of delivery. Any articles determined to have been lost by us shall be reimbursed according to the fair depreciated value of the article, and shall not exceed three times our charge for the repair. We do not assume responsibility for articles lost via the shipping carrier.

Coloring, Restoring and Dyeing

When restoring colors we try our best to match colors exactly, however colors that are restored will always vary to some degree. This is especially true when restoring only part of an article, as the remainder of the article will have natural discoloration caused by wear. We cannot accept liability for color related issues.

Special attention should be brought to dyeing of leather and fabrics: Leather and fabric dye will seep into adjacent materials, such as linings or zippers. This is nearly certain and should be considered prior to requesting this type of service.

Color from leather that has been dyed may rub off slightly. This is more probable on suede leather. We use a color sealant product when dying fabrics, however color from fabrics that have been dyed will still run off in moisture or water.

Notice Regarding Product Condition and Materials

We cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses of, or defects in, materials that are not readily apparent prior to processing. This applies particularly, but not exclusively, to vinyl and polyurethane materials, as well as accessories and hardware.

Special attention should be brought to repairs or replacements involving synthetic materials:

  • Footwear – While synthetic materials provide beneficial qualities such as water resistance, they are generally less durable than natural materials such as rubber and leather. We do not recommend repairs of synthetic materials. In the case you request such a repair, we cannot be held responsible for any changes in the structure of your footwear, or any markings that may result from repairing or replacing synthetic materials.
  • Bags and Straps – sewing or gluing can weaken synthetic materials. In the case of straps, we recommend replacing them with leather straps.

If we determine that we will be unable to repair your article satisfactorily, we will contact you. You will then have the option to proceed with an attempted repair or cancel the request. If you cancel the repair request, you can choose to have your article returned to you. Return shipping fees may apply.


In no case shall we be held liable or be held responsible for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental, or punitive loss or damages. We provide services for personal items and provide no warranty, liability or any remedies whatsoever for items intended for commercial resale, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide quality leather workmanship. We encourage you to leave an online review if you had a great experience. If you have experienced an issue and would like to leave online feedback you must include in your review the solution we proposed to resolve your issue, even if the solution was rejected by you, in order to avoid disparagement and violation of these terms.

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